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Arc (acquired)

Peer to peer content exchange and delivery network (CDN). Arc was acquired in 2021.


Vertical SaaS visualization, analytics and collaboration tools for the enterprise finance function.


Low code connection platform between enterprise applications and corporate blockchains.

Booksloth (acquired by BookClub)

Mobile-first interest based community for young adult readers. Acquired by BookClub in 2021.


CoProcure enables search for state and local government procurement efforts. The company makes accessible tens of thousands of active cooperative contracts from national and regional cooperatives including OMNIA, Sourcewell, TIPS, NASPO Valuepoint, as well as state and local agencies.


Kraftful manages the User Experience for IoT device customers including developing apps and maintaining the cloud service for the devices.


LiSTR provides training, tech and operations solutions for property managers to successfully launch and scale their businesses.

Near Space Labs

Near Space Labs provides timely wide-scale imagery from the stratosphere at down-to-earth prices. They provide higher resolution imagery than satellites at lower prices.


Pet Tracking IoT device and pet enthusiast community.


R-Zero is the first biosafety company built on a platform of modern tools: best-in-class IoT connected devices powering affordable, sustainable solutions that revolutionize disinfection.


Vertical SaaS for barbers, providing them with a mobile app to book and manage appointments.

walrus.ai (acquired by Airtable)

Walrus was acquired in 2021 by Airtable.


SageLink is building tools for business analysts and growth marketing professionals.

Reserve Trust

API driven payments and storage using Federal Reserve System


The Vendry is a digital marketplace and professional community for the events industry.


Momentum is a deal collaboration platform for modern sales teams to loop in the right people, share deal info, and ask for approvals.


Couples app to “play your way to lasting love”.


Technology solution for the restaurant industry (Back Of the House)


Cloudsmith is the only cloud-native, universal package management solution, allowing organizations to create, store and share packages in any format, to any place, with total confidence.

Data Driven Bioscience

Data Driven Bioscience creates tools for clinical labs to apply genomics for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Castro Labs

Castro Labs is a technology team building modern products to help people connect. We create new, fun spaces for the gay community to meet and thrive.

Axiom Cloud

Axiom Cloud uses software and automation to transform how the world’s cooling systems are powered, operated, and maintained, in order to generate significant climate and financial impact.


Centrly provides personalized market intelligence for corporate innovation teams.

Ruby Money

Ruby Money handles payroll & benefits for the modern, independent workers


Technology company building payments infrastructure for the transportation industry


CropConex is a supply chain management platform streamlining the sales and exports of specialty crops from emerging markets.


CRS is the single platform for all credit, fraud and compliance needs, helping companies make powerful, accurate data-driven decisions.


BiggerPicture is a shipment collaboration platform enabling real-time visibility and automation across the supply chain.


AFi is a payment platform to make it easier and cheaper for American and African small businesses to pay each other.


ENDVR is a platform that enables brands and retailers to incentivize sales associates for learning about the products they sell and driving sales on the store floor.